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Non-Attendee Participation Form

It's possible to participate in precinct caucuses as an absentee. There is no absentee voting, but you may run for precinct chair and/or convention delegate. Submit a Non-attendee Participation form, also sometimes known as a "delegate letter" or "absentee form". Letters which don't use the form will be accepted, but the form helps make sure all needed information is included and your precinct is clear on what you're running for (be sure to mark the boxes under "Would you like to be nominated for anything?"). Please submit these 72 hours before convening time to allow us to get your form to the right caucus convener. We'll try if you submit later than that, but we can't make guarantees. We're all-volunteer, so we don't work in the same office, always have ready access to printers, or have time to check email between leaving work and getting to the caucus. Especially on caucus day, it's best to hand deliver to your convener if possible, or have someone else bring it for you.

Click here to download the form. You can fill it in on your computer, save it, and upload using the form below.  It's also fine to email it to the chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or print it out and deliver the hard copy.