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2017 Minneapolis Caucuses


Minneapolis Precinct Caucuses April 4th

Ward conventions begin April 22

Tthe Minneapolis DFL is holding precinct caucuses Tuesday April 4th. Minneapolis is electing the mayor, city council, board of estimate and taxation, and park board. The general election is November 7th. Minneapolis uses Ranked Choice Voting so there will be no primary. 

There is a new pre-registration system. There will still be blank forms at the caucus sign-in tables, but pre-registration will be faster, plus the pre-registration system will tell you your location correct precinct. Starting on March 21st, go to the Minneapolis DFL web site and click the registration link on the home page.

Precinct caucuses begin at 7 PM, with sign-in starting at 6:30. The precinct caucus locations are being decided by each ward committee, and likewise with the date and location of each ward convention. The city convention is July 8th. See the Minneapolis DFL web site for caucus and convention locations and updates.  There is a also a list of candidates known to be seeking the DFL endorsement.

Precinct caucuses will be electing delegates to the ward and city conventions. Precincts with openings for chairs will be holding elections to fill out the current term, which ends with the 2018 precinct caucuses. If you wish to be nominated for delegate but you can't be present at the caucus, submit an absentee participation form to the Minneapolis DFL or have someone take it to the caucus for you. Forms must be received by 7:15 caucus night.


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